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Roll cutters and rewind slitters are an important part of any manufacturing process that involves rolls of material. Roll cutters and rewind slitters are used to create manageable sized rolls from large bulky rolls. The rewind slitter can also create shorter rolls from longer rolls. Paper companies, tape manufacturers, textile companies and other such manufacturers use these machines extensively. These machines are often referred to as roll cutters, web handling equipment, baloney/bologna slitters, log slitters, lathe slitters, single knife slitters, crush slitters, rewind slitters, or baloney/bologna slicers. Used machines are often purchased to keep costs down as they can be purchased for a fraction of what a new machine would cost.

Roll slitters work via a motor driven shaft that holds the roll of material. This shaft is mounted horizontally and is designed to spin the roll at a speed that is determined by the operator depending upon what type of material is being slit. The operator will prepare a roll by making sure it is wound tightly and then slide the roll onto the drive shaft and secure it in place. The second component of the machine is the slitter blade. It is similar to a pizza slicing blade. Some blades free spin and some are powered depending on what is being cut. The powered blade can also be set to spin with the material or against it. For example, for textile cutting the blade would spin against the material whereas for vinyl or tape it would spin in the same direction as the material. The round, rotating blade is mounted so that either the operator or a mechanism can pull the blade into the material thus making a clean cut all the way to the core of the roll. On some machines the roll moves from side to side so that the operator can control the width of the cut. On other machines the blade slides from side to side. Overall, a slitter is very simple in how it works.

Rewind slitters are a little more complicated and normally much larger than simple roll slitters or single knife cutters. Rewind slitters work by rolling the material or web from one roll to another. Between the two rolls a blades are used to cut the material into different widths. The material is normally wound onto multiple rolls resulting in the conversion of a single large roll into narrower multiple rolls. The rewinder can also create shorter rolls. For example, a large 300' x 48" wide roll can be convered into 4 - 24" x 150' rolls using a rewind slitter. These machines are used in a multitude of industries from paper to book binding to plastic wrap manufacturing.

Roll slitters are extremely rugged machines that can last decades if properly cared for. Also, if parts are available, old slitters can be refurbished to be just like new ones. Since new slitters can be incredibly expensive, we have compiled some sources for used slitters. When possible, we have also included the source for new machines which is normally the manufacturer. Here they are :

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Some popular brands of rewind roll slitters are Smart Slitters (Genesis), Slitters International, Duesenbury/Dusenbery, Judelson/Judelshon, Lever, Kidder, Tidland, Schmutz, Cameron, Cooper, and ALS Slitters. These companies produce machines ranging from 600 pounds to several tons.