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101 Blender Soap Recipes
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"Soap-Calc" - Soap Formulator plus 101 Blender Soap Recipes for only $19.99

CLICK HERE FOR A ROUGH SCREEN SHOT OF THE PROGRAM (the actual program is clear as a bell)


Many people are discovering how fun and easy it is to make soap. Soap-Calc was designed to add to that enjoyment by giving the soapmaker all the tools necessary to custom design soap recipes or recalculate existing ones. Anyone interested in or involved in soap making can benefit from SOAP-CALC. It is a powerful yet very simple to use program with the following features:

  • Includes SAP values and cost amounts for 46 different oils and fats
  • Lye amounts per batch for 1% , 5% and 9% excess fat levels
  • Water amounts per batch
  • Maximum oil % recommendations
  • Classifies oils as base or superfatting agents.
  • Calculates essential oil %
  • Calculates oil amounts as a percentage of total oils
  • Calculates potassium hydroxide amount for liquid soaps - (source of lye pictured below)
  • Calculates number of bars per batch
  • Oil cost and lye cost per batch
  • Cost of total batch
  • Cost per bar
  • Profit per bar
  • Converts every recipe to a blender sized batch
  • Includes basic soapmaking instructions
Lastly, the program is completely editable by the user and can be adapted and added to to suit individual needs. Complete instructions on editing the program are included. The program is in a spreadsheet format and can be opened using software included in the package or by Excel, Quattro or Lotus 123. It is designed to run in a Windows 95,98,2000,XP,ME environment. The spreadsheet can also be opened by a MAC using excel.

When you order "Soap-Calc" we will send you 101 Blender Soap Recipes at no additional charge. The Recipes, Soapcalc and Instructions all come as a download. For more information on our recipes click here >> Blender Soap Recipes
Feel free to email me with any questions -

More Soap Formulas and Recipes for Blender Soaps

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