Instructions for Sewing Reflexite GP340 Garment Trim

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Reflexite Brilliance Series GP340 is manufactured with an outer sew border area. The border provides an area for sewing the trim to garments without damaging the reflective properites of the material. Stitching outside the prescribed sew borders may compromise the integrity of the trim.

Recommend stitch count - 8 per inch

The following guidelines can be helpful in reducing drag when sewing Reflexite Brilliance Series Garment Trims.
Teflon coated presser foot.
Roller presser foot.
Walking presser foot.
Minimize the pressure when using a standard presser foot.
Double needle sewing machine with puller.
Use of a silicon spray or coated cloth to help lubricate the surface of the trim.

Note that some spray lubricants may contain oils/solvents that can lead to fabric dye migration and/or bleeding into reflective trims. - The lubricant should be tested on the trim and background material prior to use. Apply a small amount of lubricant onto the surface of the reflective trim, then cover the trim with a swatch of the background material and leave for 24 hours. Remove the swatch and inspect the trim for staining and dye migration.

When using lubricants always wipe away the excess after application.

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