Olive Oil and Coconut Oil Free Soap Recipes and Formulas

This page is full of free olive oil and coconut oil blender soap recipes and formulas. The recipes on this page also contain other oils such as vegetable oil, lard, palm oil, lard and tallow. The soap recipes on this page are sized at 16 ounces so they can be made in a blender using the method described at www.colebrothers.com/soap/blender.html or they can multiplied and either made in a larger blender or in the standard way.


All Vegetable Oil Soap
6 oz. coconut oil
3 oz. palm
7 oz. olive oil
2.35 oz. lye
6.4 oz. water

Non Vegetable Soap
6 ounces of Olive Oil
10 ounces of Lard
2.1 ounces of Lye
6.4 ounces of Water
.16 ounce Soap Fragrance if desired

Arizona Summer Bar
8 oz. olive oil
4 oz. coconut oil
4 oz. palm kernel oil
2.3 oz. lye
7 oz. water
Add at trace:
1 Tsp. sandalwood FO
1 tsp. patchouli EO
1 Tbsp. ground rosemary

Rich Lather Soap
4 ounces of Olive Oil
4 ounces of Coconut Oil
8 ounces of Lard
2.27 ounces of Lye
7 ounces of Water
.16 ounce of Soap Fragrance if desired

Super Rich Lather Soap
5.5 ounces of Coconut Oil
10.5 ounces of Palm Oil
2.37 ounces of Lye
6.4 ounces of Water
.16 ounces of Soap Fragrance

Body Bar
5.3 ounces vegetable oil or olive oil
10.7 ounces tallow
1 oz cocoa butter
2.1 ounces lye
6.4 ounces cold water

Apples & Cinnamon Oatmeal Bar
6 oz coconut oil
6 oz olive oil
4 oz Crisco
2.3 oz lye
7 ounces water
3/4 teaspoon cinnamon fo
3/4 teaspoon apple fo
1/8 cup finely ground oatmeal

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